Lost – The End: Review

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Six seasons and 121 episodes later, here we are. The end of what has certainly been the most epic TV show I have ever watched. And now I get the joy of reviewing it,  but where to start?!

I’ve decided the only way to do this is to write this review a little differently than normal. Rather than re-capping the ep and adding my views (after all, I’m sure you’ve all seen it!), I’m simply going to tell you what I loved and what I didn’t as well as give you an interpretation of what I thought happened… here go’s!

The first thing that I loved was the mirroring of this episode. It was perhaps the only thing that was absolutely perfect in it. There were so many mirrors and references to past episodes. It was great how they made lowering Desmond into ‘the light’ reflect the moment that Locke and Jack looked down the hatch for the first time. Likewise I loved how we saw many references to the original series such as Christian Shephard’s shoe in the tree.

The Flashsideways gave us many more of these, in fact the f/s today felt more like a reminiscing session as the best moments in Lost history were played back to us. But again I loved this symmetry. Claire having Aaron again was played so brilliantly with Kate again delivering and Charlie helping out, just like the original scene.

There was symmetry with Sawyer getting the candy bar, Sun seeing Ji Yeon for the first time and Locke wiggling his toes like he did in S1 and of course Jack’s wife Sarah. These ‘mirroring’ points were a very clever way of helping us celebrate the history of the show as well as letting the characters in the f/s know about their former lives. I personally found it a joy to watch.

And likewise it was excellent to see the characters re-unite with one- another, one by one in the f/s. Hugo’s face when he found Charlie was excellent and I doubt there was a dry eye anywhere in the world when Claire and Charlie/Sawyer and Juliet met up. It was Lost doing what it does best and once again it was excellent to watch and really did make this feel like the fitting end… more on that later.

I should perhaps mention the main on-island story… it was quite a biggy. And again I liked the majority of this. I’ve got over the whole ‘disney-esque’ feel of the glowing heart of the island and was genuinely gripped when Desmond was being lowered into it. Of course I was expecting him to enter the f/s but this was all wrong. Instead when Desmond unplugged the pool (mirroring Ben’s small pool that he ‘summoned’ the monster with), it instead caused the island to start self-destructing (well I suppose MiB probably did know a bit more about the place having lived there all his life!).

But more than that happened, MiB and Jack became mortal leading us into the ‘fight for the island’. It was quite an epic scene to finally see Matt Fox and Terry O’ Quinn battling it out on a cliffside in the pouring rain. My do Lost know how to put on a show. In the end of course, MiB was the loser and was thrown over the side, but not before he gave Jack his two trademark injuries from the f/s (nice to see that concluded).

I was a bit disappointed when MiB died. Yeah we could all see it happening perhaps, but even though it wasn’t actually Locke, I was sad to see my favourite character meet his final end. I also think he seemed to die a bit too easily, kept expecting to see him every few moments!

And from this point I did feel the pace of the show change slightly. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the episode seemed to lose something for me here and I wasn’t as gripped as I wanted to be.

Perhaps the problem was the ridiculous idea to fly a plane off the island. Now any of you who have followed this blog will know that I’m firmly against that story. THAT PLANE SHOULDN’T FLY. It was trashed when it landed in the forest and I can’t believe a bit of welding (where’d that come from!) and duct tape is going to make things better. Not to mention that last thing we knew the whole thing was rigged with C4 explosives!

Some of you may think I’m being picky, but this is important to me! Black Smoke, yes… healing qualities, fine… that plane flying… now way Darlton!!

Jack of course saved everyone by re-plugging the hole that Des unplugged and restarting the heart of the island… it was a bit like putting the batteries in. But Jack wouldn’t be coming back from that. Therefore he made Hurley the new leader of the island. He and Ben would rule and protect it for the future. This was a nice partnership and I must say Ben has finally been accepted. He seemed genuinely pleased when Hurley chose him as his ‘number 2’.

As for the other characters: Claire, Sawyer, Kate, Miles, Richard and Frank (who survived WOOOO!) made it off the island and presumably had a new life for several years until they died.

And that brings us back to the f/s. We finally find out what they were and it wasn’t what I was expecting. Jack was standing by his dad’s empty coffin when his father re-appeared behind him like in S1. How could they both be there… it turns out they’re all dead. That’s right, the f/s is a place for the Losties after they die, a place to find one another.

I’ll be honest, when I first saw this I wasn’t pleased. I watched six seasons just to find out they all died. But i think part of the problem for me and other UK fans, was the end of cult drama ‘Ashes To Ashes’. You see, it had a very similar end and although I knew it wasn’t, it just felt like Lost was jumping on the bandwagon.

You’ll be pleased to know that on reflection (see what I did there!) I’ve decided the ending was actually very good and the final sequence is emotional to say the least. It was a beautifully tragic yet also loving and joyous scene as we saw Jack die in reality as he found himself and the others in the ‘dead world’.

There was also fantastic imagery as the Losties gathered for their own funeral and Christian (who I’ve always loved) opened the doors symbolising light and dark for one final time and the Losties moved on. And how great was it to see so many of our favourite characters all in one room!

But better than that, we had the shots on island of Jack slowly dying as he also woke up in S1. Vincent by his side for one final time. And that shot, that we all knew must have been the final scene since day 1, Jack’s eye closing followed by our final… ‘LOST’.

As I write those words, I now realise how much I’m going to miss this show. The ending was, the more I think of it, perfect and the way the show was always going to end. Some things annoyed me in the ep, but that’s always been the same in Lost. Likewise, there are SO many unanswered questions.

But I think I finally understand what the story was about. It was the story of the survivors of a plane crash. Other stories… bigger stories were going on around them… but that wasn’t the story of Lost and for the first time I don’t care. We were told a fascinating story of how a group of people developed and changed as they tackled some of the most unusual things ever possible (or even impossible). And you know, what I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So well done all involved for what has been a phenomenal journey and I am proud to say is the best TV show I have ever been a part of. And I really feel I have been a part of it, this show has such an inclusive community!

Thanks Damon, thanks Carlton and now, it’s finally time to…



Episode 16 Review – What They Died For

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It’s our last proper episode before the 2 1/2 HOUR SEASON FINALE EVENT! And after last week, it had better deliver I thought as I sat down to watch ‘What They Died For’.

If you read my blog last week, you’ll know that I was thoroughly disappointed with the previous episode, so I was hoping for more this week. Let’s start with the flashsideways.

At long last it looks like things are coming together here. We saw so many familiar faces including Mira Furlan as Rousseau and Michelle Rodriguez as Ana-Lucia. We also saw a return of Jack’s cut on his neck. I was pleased to see this as I thought it had been forgotten since episode 1 of the season. But it does seem that we will get answer to what that injury was all about… good, I need some coherence!

So it seems that Jack will be going to a concert tonight for his son. Normally this would be an annoying observation, but it seems this week, that this is very very important? Why, because Hume’s on the hunt again! He’s gettinge veryone where they need to be, a bit like Eloise Hawking used to. He revisits Locke for a second attempt on his life, but instead ends up beating up Benjamin, giving him the flashes he needs.

He also explains that he needs people to let go. And perhaps that’s it, people in this universe need to let go of what they don’t want to before they can cross over to the ‘real’ world.

Anyhow, Desmond’s done a terrific job and after busting Sayid and Kate out of jail, he proceeds to take them to a concert… the same as Jack’s methinks. Finally they’re all meeting together. Something is finally gonna happen in this world, but more on that this coming Sunday!

And so on to the island action and quite a bit happened here!

Firstly we see Ben, Miles and Richard at long last. How do Darlton explain their long absence… they took a ‘shortcut’. Oh dear me, I think you’re taking shortcuts with your episode writing my friends.

But anyway, they make it to Ben’s house at Dharmaville and find the C4 when who turns up but Widmore and Zoey! Of course they come in peace, united against a common enemy… or so they think. After some exchanges between Ben and his old enemy, it’s discovered that Flocke is on his way to the island. Time for plans. Widmore and Zoey opt to hide in the cupboard (oooh.. er!), Miles runs into the jungle and Ben & Alpert go to meet Flocke face-to-face.

This doesn’t go too well for Richard. The smoke monster wants him out of the picture so he can manipulate Ben. And what’s the best way of doing that? He flings him into the air and out of sight. Now I’m pretty confident that he’s still alive. but it puts him out of the picture for Flocke to regain the trust of a rather unsurprised looking Ben.

In a hilarious way that only Ben could do, he tells Flocke that Widmore and his ‘lady-friend’ are in his cupboard! The reveal here is second only to Jin in the bathroom earlier this series. It was just too funny seeing Widmore thrown into the light when he was revealed.

But of course the comedy doesn’t last as Flocke ruthlessly kills Zoey. He then gets Widmore to explain to him why he needs Desmond (though not in front of Ben). Big Mistake. Linus gets his gun and finally kills his old enemy. Not sure how I felt about this. Ben has suffered so much pain at Charles’s hands, but I will miss Alan Dale (if only for one more episode!).

So Ben and Flocke unite. But on the other side of the island, Hurley has found something or someone. It’s Jacob and after taking the remains of his ashes, he can finally appear to the whole group. Time for an explaination.

And it wasn’t bad. He confirms that the Losties have been brought to the island to replace him. They are candidates for his job… just like the Apprentice then! He also clarifies that Kate is more than welcoem to take his job, she was simply crossed out as she started mothering Aaron.

But what exactly is his job. Jacob explains that he explains the ‘heart of the island’ (oh not that again!). It’s light in a cave that MiB can’t find. They have to stop him from ever infecting it. He also confirms that it was Jacob who created it and the problem, by pushing his brother into the cave.

It doesn’t explain a lot, but it was a nice build up to the finale (which must surely give us some more concrete answers).

With that speech, Jack agrees to take over (as we had all guessed) and after drinking some of Jacob’s blessed water, he becomes like him… the new protector of the island.

Back with Ben and Flocke, they’ve found a well… Desmond’s well. But he;s not there and not dead. Yet Flocke is pleased, why? Desmond can help him destroy the island… duh duh duuuuuuuuuuhhh!!!

OK, so it wasn’t the best cliffhanger or episode, but it has restored my faith a little in the series and I can’t wait until the finale this Sunday. I’m confident I’ll still be left confused and possibly disappointed by parts, but I think it’s surely going to be a cracker. See you then!

Episode 15 Review – Across The Sea

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It’s been hyped for weeks and weeks (and really even earlier than that). Episode 15, the one with no cast members, the one that would explore the history of the island and the origin of Jacob and MiB. Surely this would be it… I’m sorry to say it wasn’t.

Now, before I start this scathing review, I’d like to say that this was by no means a bad episode and I think that the extreme negative response against this episode by fans across the web is due mostly to the fact that it promised much more than it returned.

So we finally get to see the history of Jacob and MiB, where they came from. Ad this bit was good. We learnt that as we expected, Jacob and MiB are brothers, twin brothers. They also came simply from a normal mother. But she didn’t stick around long when she was killed by the woman that would become Jacob and MiB’s adopted mother. I’m not entirely sure of the reasoning behind this, at first I believed it to be because she thought the children were evil, but it could be more likely that now she had what she wanted from Jacob/MiB’s mother, she killed her to prevent any more people from getting to the heart of the island.

Of course, through all of this we didn’t discover MIB’s true name, something that really annoyed me as I’m sick of writing MiB(!) Come on Darlton, would it have hurt?

As the ep goes on we see Jacob and his brother grow up and a clear divide grows between them. It seems Jacob is a bit of  a mummy’s boy, always listening to her and obeying her. This became obvious when Jacob spilled the beans about MiB’s new game (which was of course very similar to backgammon).

As it all goes on, MiB discovers that his mother actually killed his true birthmum. How does he know, well his true mother tells him through an island vision (so even MiB and Jacob get them). This pushes him over the edge and MiB leaves to join the ‘others’ on the island. They are after all.. his people!

Many years pass and both men grow up. Despite being apart, Jacob and MiB have kept in contact secretly, with Jacob watching over his brother. But MiB’s planning something. When he was younger, him and his brother were taken to a cave with a bright light in it. Their mother explained that this was the heart of the island, the light of life and that that’s what she’s doing on the island. Protecting this light. MiB has now found similar light and plans to manipulate it.

Cue the frozen donkey wheel. Again, I was pleased to see an answer for this, but it was very vague. MiB was building it, hoping that turning it would get him off the island, but how could he possibly know that?!

Of course he wouldn’t get to know the result of his device just yet as his mother knocks him out and kills his people. This leads to a massive revolt from MiB. And who could blame him. All he’s ever want to do is leave peacefully, and his ‘mother’ has stopped him at every opportunity. Therefore he kills her, a straight stab in the back. But his mum is suprisingly thankful. Seems this is what she wanted.

Jacob is of course furious and takes MiB to the cave of light. They’ve been told that what’s inside is worse than death and so Jacob chucks his brother in. After a few moments, out shoots the column of black smoke, into the sky. But instead of merging with MiB, it’s a separate entity as we discover MiB’s body dead in a tree.

So what has happened here? For me it’s not clear enough. It seems the black smoke is either MiB’s ‘evil soul’ or something else entirely which can now take the form of MiB. I would say the latter is probably true as this is why the mother never wanted ANYONE to go in there.

I don’t want Lost spoonfed to me, but I did think this was a bit vague for something so big.

The episode ended with a flashback that said ‘we knew we would do this all along’ from Darlton. I seriously doubt they did, but it was a nice surprise finding out that Adam and Eve were in fact MiB and his mum, didn’t see that coming at all. It was very well presented also so kudos for that.

But iverall that episode was a disappointment for it’s lack of answers. It seemed like an early season episode rather than one building up to the finale. So many questions were skimmed over. Why can’t Jacob and MiB kill each other ‘I made it so’… WHAT! I didn’t want vagueness like this, I wanted a proper response rather than it’s the rules. We’ve heard that rubbish for ages!

And the cave of bright light? Come on? It was quite Disney wasn’t it! The light and heart of everything, how cheesy and cliche. For me, this was a bit of a cop out for a show that’s developed so much in the last six years.

And that was our ‘killer’ episode. Not what we wanted, not what it could’ve been, but still it did give us something. And I think this is the problem with S6, it’s not going far enough. It’s giving us snippets, but not quite enough and with only 3 1/2 hours of Lost left… that worries me…

First Thoughts – Episode 15: Across The Sea

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We’d all been waiting for it for about six seasons, perhaps we’d waited too long…

Episode 15: Across The Sea – Preview

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It’s an episode we’ve heard so much about, but now finally it’s here… well almost! Here’s ABC’s official promo!

How good does that look!

Well what do we know about this episode? Well firstly there are no regular cast members in it… such a brave decision so close to the end. Secondly, it looks like it will tell the story of Jacob and MiB’s battle. Interestingly the trailer mentions two sides to every story… will we perhaps have something to convince us that MiB is good again?

Thirdly the trailer shows the boy that MiB keeps seeing Is it possible that this boy is young Jacob, it certainly looks like he’s been there all along.

Fourthly, Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert to you and me) says that this episode is similar to ‘Ab Aeterno’. Lets just hope it’s not going to be quite as drawn out though (sorry, it was a bit).

Fifthly… it’ll be awesome… OK, so it might not, but lets face it, if we don’t get a shedload of answers in this ep, there’s no hope for the show.

‘Across The Sea’ airs on Tuesday at 9 on ABC in the US and Friday at 9 on Sky1 in the UK.

Episode 14 Review – The Candidate

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Lost has always been a show that shocked. Since the very first season, it’s never done what you expected and although some fans figure out some of the mysteries, it’s a show that’s never short on surprises. Today they may have outdone themselves.

But before we get to all that juicy stuff, lets look at this weeks flashsideways. I’m afraid it did little for me. We learn why John Locke is in a wheelchair in this timeline (which is considerably different to the original timeline). Through the episode, Jack meets with various people we’ve met (Helen, Bernard, Claire, Anthony Cooper) and pieces together the mystery of Locke being a paraplegic.

This all mounts up to Locke’s revelation at the end that he was flying a plane and somehow crashed it. This not only put him in a wheelchair, but paralysed the whole of his fathers body (there’s Karma for ya!). Now this was nice to know and I won’t deny the fact that I wanted to know this answer. But it seemed to me the whole f/s focused too heavily on this and we lost what we were starting to gain, people coming together.

Yes we had some good backreferences (Jack getting the Apollo bar) and there’s no doubt Locke saw some of the real universe (we must push the button), but to me this felt like another poor spinoff, which is a shame as the f/s have been improving recently.

But anyway, enough about that, onto the on-island story.

It all started with Flocke, Jack and Sayid breaking Sawyer’s team out of the cages (yep, the most unpopular set ever made a return!) and they all joined together to find the plane.

Flocke got there first and discovered something on board. He also took a watch… which becomes a little significant. When the rest of his team turn up, he reveals that Widmore had planted C4 in the plane and that if they were to fly it, they’d all blow up. This of course gains him some more trust, certainly Claire is back on his side. But Sawyer’s still suspicious as they head off to plan B… the submarine.

I will be honest, the fact that in broad daylight the Losties were able to storm in and take the sub without any initial trouble did seem a little rubbish. But hey! It’s not the stupidest thing to happen in Lost.

So Sawyer and Lapidus commandeer the Sub whilst Flocke and Jack watch everyone’s backs. They too eventually come down and Flocke tries to convince Jack one more time to take the submarine. Jack says no and in the memory of Locke (and thanks to Sawyer’s comments) he knocks Flocke into the water.

The victory is short lived though as Widmore’s men have finally got there and shoot Kate! Wooohooo! Oh no wait, she’s still alive. After all the confusion, all of the Losties end up in the submarine apart from Claire who’s left with Flocke. Sawyer’s made his mind up and sets the sub off without them, thinking he’s foiled Flocke’s plan. But how wrong is he. Flocke’s been playing a long game… a very long game.

As the sub sinks out of sight, Jack gets to work ‘fixing’ Kate. It’s when he looks in his backpack that he realises the horror. Flocke has hooked the bomb up to the watch and they have literally 3 minutes before it’ll go off. He never needed them alive… he wants them dead, all in the same place, all at once.

All I’ll say is… I KNEW that plane would NEVER fly!!!

It’s in this situation that Jack is actually a genius. If they leave the bomb, they’ll probably survive. It sounds ridiculous to the others, but it makes sense. Flocke has been seen not to be ABLE to kill candidates. But they can kill each other. This is then proved when Sawyer dooms them all by tampering with the bomb. It’s no longer Flocke killing them but Sawyer. This is all to do with Flocke’s genius manipulating power, it’s how he got Jacob killed by Ben… and yet it’s still something I didn’t really see coming.

Sayid offers himself up as one final martyr. Grabbing the bomb from Jack he runs off (first revealing that Desmond is still alive) and dooms himself so the others can live on. Poor Sayid, I think he’s been given a poor deal this season. He’s been emotionless for weeks and when he properly returns, he blows up. But it was what Lost does best, killing off characters with no warning and as sad as it is to see Sayid go, it was excellent!

But surely nothing else could top that? Wrong! The sub is now sinking and everyone needs to get off, but they can’t. Sun is pinned to the wall. Despite Jin’s best efforts he can’t free her. Jack is forced to leave with Kate, Hurley and Sawyer… they need him. This leaves Jin, desperate to save his wife… but he can’t.

I felt a massive wave of emotion when the revelation hit me that Sun and Jin were to die. It’s such a tragic tale. After 3 years of trying to find each other, they die almost immediately after they do. And what about Ji Yeon, Jin never even met her. This was such a sad sad and tragic moment. Full credit to the Lost team, it was played out incredibly and was one of the saddest deaths the show has ever seen. And of course a true shock. I was literally speechless for a few minutes after that…

And just as our Korean friends disappear, motionless from view, we cut to Flocke, his agenda now revealed. He’s off to kill the others…

An astounding episode, so well presented and acted and truly shocking. Full marks, don’t see how you can top that next week… oh wait… it’s episode 15, the one we’ve heard so much about… maybe then, you will!

First Thoughts: Episode 14 – The Candidate

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We had to wait a couple of weeks for it, but blimey it was a corker! Here’s this weeks First Thoughts!